At Blink Eye Care, all of our eye-examinations are tailored to each patient's needs. Each eye-examination can be booked as an appointment, at a time that is most convenient for the individual.

1. History
We will ask questions, including your history of visual problems and how this has impacted on your quality of life. We will need to know of any other conditions, such as Diabetes or Hypertension, as these can have a significant impact on eyesight. After we learn your history we can provide you with the most effective treatment, tailored to your individual needs.

2. Retinal Photography
We are the only domiciliary opticians to provide Retinal Photography, which means that your residents may be relieved of the need to go to hospital for their diabetic and/or glaucoma check-ups. This makes Blink Eye Care an excellent alternative for individuals who prefer to seek their checkups in a quieter, low-key environment. Retinal Photographs are digital images of the back of the eye. These photos allow an optometrist to get an accurate impression of the retina. In addition, the eye pressure is also measured, a key factor in the detection of glaucoma.

3. Prescriptions
We calculate the prescription by asking our patients to observe letters on a chart and to alter the strength of the lenses that they are using for maximum vision. For patients who are non-communicative, we use an autorefractor, a digital device. This calculates the prescription of the persons eyes without the need to ask questions. We are one of only a few domiciliary companies to utilise this specialist piece of equipment.

4. Dispensing
You can choose from over 100 styles of frames. We will carefully help you choose a frame that we believe is most suitable for you. We will also take care to assess the costs as fairly as possible. In fact, many residents who are eligible are able to receive their frames for free on the NHS.

5. Handover
The optometrist will issue a detailed written and verbal report on each resident, which will provide guidance on any concerns that the optometrist may have regarding the resident's vision. The optometrist will explain which residents have been fitted with spectacles and will offer to consult any relatives or friends to explain the results. Additionally, any residents that staff have specific concerns for may be assessed by the optometrist on the same day.

6. Fitting
We will return to deliver and fit the glasses. It is our aim to deliver 9/10 of
our spectacles within ten working days of the order date.

7. Aftercare
We can be contacted by phone if a resident requires any adjustments to their glasses. We are happy to fix any glasses that have been broken and we are just a phone call away! All spectacles come with a one year manufacturers warranty.

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